Enphase Energy Partners with Octopus Energy Group in the U.K.


Enphase Energy has formed a strategic partnership with Octopus Energy Group which expects to focus on deploying Enphase’s IQ8 Microinverters and IQ Battery 5P in the U.K. 

Octopus Energy’s U.K. retail customers can integrate Enphase’s home solar and BESS in their energy plans with the company also using Enphase’s Kraken management software platform.

“Our innovative home energy systems paired with Octopus Energy’s intuitive tariffs and intelligent management of DERs can unlock huge potential for the energy grid,” says Marco Krapels, vice president of worldwide business development at Enphase Energy. 

“Together, we can provide flexible and cost-effective energy usage across more than seven million households in the United Kingdom, and accelerate the broader energy transition. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships with leading energy providers like Octopus Energy across the world and helping homeowners maximize the value of their solar and battery investments.”

Enphase Energy is also a participant in the Octopus Energy GridBoost battery program in Texas. 

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