Entergy Utilizes GridUnity Interconnection Software to Manage Distributed Energy


Entergy Services LLC has selected GridUnity‘s cloud-based Interconnection Lifecycle Management software product to streamline the interconnection process for distributed energy resources. Entergy delivers electricity to approximately 3 million customers through five operating companies in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

GridUnity’s platform was selected to simplify and accelerate the process of adding distributed energy resources including solar power and energy storage to the grid. The GridUnity platform provides the flexibility and scalability to address the full lifecycle of the interconnection process and will enable standardized automation across all jurisdictions resulting in a consistent experience for Entergy’s five utilities and their respective customers.

With the GridUnity tool, applicants receive immediate, automated feedback if an entry is incomplete, ensuring all submitted applications meet established standards. Entergy staff will now be able to review and respond to submitted applications in less time than was previously required, providing guidance throughout the rest of the interconnection process. Use of the GridUnity tool will create a more transparent and near-real-time interconnection queue, freeing Entergy’s engineers and other employees involved with the interconnection process to spend more of their time addressing the higher-value needs of customers.

“Over the past five years, through our work with numerous utilities, we’ve been able to hone our platform to perform notably better than legacy tools and processes,” says Brian Fitzsimons, CEO of GridUnity. “Our goal is to help move the industry forward through technology innovation that allows for increased penetration of distributed energy resources. The ability to streamline interconnection processes is one of the keys that unlocks access to the future of energy.”

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