FLIR, Raptor Maps Offer Resources on Drones in Solar


In collaboration with Raptor Maps, FLIR has created a five-part series with four videos and a webinar on the use of thermal drones for solar inspection.

The live Q&A webinar will take place on Aug. 6 at 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT. Brett Kanda of FLIR and Austin Coffin of Raptor Maps will take questions and share advice and insights for drone service providers and solar field managers.

“It’s daunting to consider how to efficiently and accurately inspect a solar field,” FLIR says in a blog. “For asset owners, PV inspectors, and drone service providers (DSPs) to meet the growing demand, they must develop a deep understanding of thermography, flight operations and other factors to take full advantage of the benefits of drone-based solar inspection. This will also enable energy stakeholders and asset owners to further maximize efficiencies and outputs from their respective PV systems.”

More can be found here.

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