ForeFront Power Completes 27 MW Community Solar Portfolio In N.Y.


ForeFront Power has announced that the company’s first community solar projects in New York are now operational.

The nine projects are providing clean, renewable electricity to subscribers across National Grid and Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) service territories.

The projects, representing 27 MW of capacity, are the first in a portfolio of over 75 MW planned across New York by ForeFront. The rest are expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Community solar allows utility customers, including those who rent or cannot install on-site solar, the option of purchasing renewable energy from a local project while saving on electricity costs.

ForeFront Power selected Arcadia Power to subscribe interested customers to a portion of the energy produced from these projects. Arcadia Power’s online dashboard allows customers to connect their existing utility accounts, track impact and stay up-to-date on billing.

“These projects are the first of many to serve customers with this innovative subscription model,” says Paul Walker, co-CEO of ForeFront Power. “These projects also represent a tremendous investment across the state that is resulting in local job growth and a contribution toward New York’s renewable energy goals.”

These projects are expected to generate more than 90 million kWh annually.

“New Yorkers are continuing to benefit from the state’s leadership in renewable energy policy development and execution,” adds Walker. “New Yorkers now have a solution that provides the savings and environmental benefits of solar without any on-site impact or constraints.”

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