ForeFront Power Completes San Luis Obispo Solar Projects


ForeFront Power, a provider of solar energy and battery storage solutions for the public sector, utility, business and residential customers, has completed two solar projects for the San Luis Obispo County, Calif.

The projects are located at the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Dairy Creek Golf Course and the Department of Social Services. The first of many planned solar projects, these solar parking canopies total 552 kW – representing a major sustainability milestone for the county.

The projects are designed to supply over 80% of site electricity needs. San Luis Obispo is looking forward to more than $1 million of energy expense savings over the next 20 years.

The county will purchase the electricity generated by the solar systems at a competitive, predictable rate, thanks to an energy services agreement structure. This allows the county to purchase energy at a cheaper rate than its local utility without paying upfront costs for the system. With the savings generated, the county is able to shift funds from electricity to services for the community. 

“We spend a significant amount of money on electricity across our facilities, park, and water assets,” says Annie Secrest, energy and water coordinator for San Luis Obispo County.

“Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all public agencies will face budget challenges. It’s great timing for the county to save money on electricity so we can directly support the Department of Social Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation in their efforts to provide important services to the community,” she adds.

Beyond the planned energy savings, these projects will also contribute to the Energy Wise Plan. The Energy Wise Plan is part of the General Plan’s Conservation and Open Space Element, a tool to protect and preserve community resources while improving the health and welfare of the community. 

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