Fronius Building Solhub Solar-Powered Hydrogen Generation Capacity


Energy solutions company Fronius is installing the first H2 customer system in Austria, based on its Solhub technology.

Solhub is a system solution for the local production, storage and use of green hydrogen. The customer is the SAN Group, which in the future will produce up to 100 kg of green hydrogen per day at its company headquarters at Herzogenburg, Lower Austria, for emission-free mobility and to ensure autonomy through emergency power supply.

“The installation of the first Fronius Solhub is a flagship project,” says Fronius’ Martin Hackl. “Green hydrogen is generated and stored directly on site using solar energy and water. This is then used to fill hydrogen vehicles and, thanks to reconversion, the solar energy is also available in the winter – in this way, we can make use of the sun 24 hours a day.”

A photovoltaic system with an output of 1.5 MW on the roofs of the SAN Group’s industrial park provides the power for electrolysis. Both the H2 infrastructure and the service and maintenance of the green system solution are being implemented by Fronius.

Fronius says the installation will be commissioned in spring 2022.

Photo by Manuel Tauber-Romieri, courtesy of Fronius

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