FTC Creates New Clamping Solution for PV Module Rapid Installation


FTC Solar Inc. has developed a novel clamping solution that enables the rapid installation of First Solar Series 6 and Series 6 Plus modules.

To support First Solar’s thin-film module technology, FTC developed a new product variant of its novel Voyager mounting solution. The variant uses FTC’s patented Slide and Glide methodology and First Solar’s SpeedSlot mounting feature.

The result is a reliable, robust, labor-efficient module installation system that utilizes no traditional hardware. Instead, a mechanical fastener is used to secure and ground the First Solar module frame to the Voyager system’s module rail, enabling the rapid install times our customers have come to expect from FTC.

“We combined First Solar’s SpeedSlot solution with FTC’s patented Slide and Glide rapid module installation methodology that ensures robust module capture to our rail,” says Nagendra Cherukupalli, CTO at FTC Solar. “Several nuances in the rail design enable the integrated solution to work well together. It is a testament to our engineering team’s prowess and adaptability.”

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