GAF Energy Introduces High-Efficiency Roof-Integrated Solar


GAF Energy, a North American provider of roof-integrated solar solutions, has launched a super high-efficiency solar panel for use with its roof-integrated solar product. 

The new Solaria panels are 16% more powerful than the company’s previous offering, allowing homeowners to fit more roof-integrated solar capacity in a similar amount of space. By increasing solar capacity and production, the new solar panels can increase the long-term value of a GAF Energy solar roof to homeowners.

“Solaria panels are an exciting upgrade to our roof-integrated solar offering. These panels are not only more powerful, but are sleek, black-on-black to improve the aesthetics of an already beautiful design,” says Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy.

“By increasing the power and efficiency of the solar, we’re able to increase the value of our solar roof for our customers,” he adds. 

GAF Energy provides roofing contractors across the U.S. with a comprehensive and economical approach to solar installations. Designed to provide a good-looking, low-profile alternative to typical rack-mounted solar panels – which are typically drilled through the roof’s shingles – GAF Energy solar integrates directly with the roofing system and is part of the primary water-shedding layer. 

The new solar panels optimize power output and maximize aesthetic appeal, combined with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield to further reduce the risk of leaks and avoid animal intrusion, notes the company.

Contractors interested in learning more about becoming a GAF Energy partner can click here

Photo: GAF Energy’s home page

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