GameChange Solar Completes Wind Tunnel Testing on Fixed-Tilt Systems


GameChange Solar has completed wind tunnel testing for the east-west configuration for all GameChange fixed-tilt products. 

The completion of this study adds to the repertoire of wind loading information GameChange has amassed to facilitate its design of high-efficiency, low-cost racking systems.

“The east-west configuration is an attractive option for clients in equatorial regions, as well as where maximizing array density is important,” says Scott Van Pelt, vice president of engineering at GameChange.

“Since the east and west planes of solar modules are backed up to each other, there are some significant savings from a wind loading standpoint, and the wind tunnel study by CPP captures these,” he adds.

East-west facing solar arrays comprise two planes of modules, one facing east and one facing west, often backed up to each other to form a “tent” looking structure. These types of systems vary from the single plane of south-facing solar modules.

CPP provides wind consulting services to architects, engineers and developers around the world.

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