GameChange Solar Debuts New East-West Fixed Tilt Racking System


GameChange Solar says its high-power-producing MaxDensity east-west tilt racking system is debuting at $.039 per watt in the United States and $.029 globally for a typical 105 mph wind load with moderate soil corrosions.

The system is capable of handling up to 120 mph wind and 10 psf snow loads. Posts and galvanization can be upsized to survive extreme soil corrosion for additional costs, the company notes.

MaxDensity has much fewer part types than a typical fixed tilt racking system, making it faster than conventional fixed tilt structures. There is no heavy equipment such as pile drivers required, only handheld tools are needed. In addition, the MaxDensity system offers owners higher power production than any other fixed tilt structure or tracker systems by packing far more modules onto a site.

“MaxDensity is an important new addition to our product offerings,” states Derick Botha, chief commercial officer at GameChange Solar. “MaxDensity offers unprecedented value to customers and is a significant innovation to the benefit of the solar industry by both driving structure and overall plant costs substantially lower, and also by significantly increasing the amount of energy generated. We hope to see a rapid adoption rate for this new system.”

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