GameChange Solar Secures 272 MW Project With WHC Energy Services


GameChange Solar (GCS) says it will supply its Genius Tracker for Arava Power Company and Paz Oil’s Sunray, a 272 MW DC project located on an 1,800-acre site in Uvalde County, Texas.

Once complete, GCS’ Genius Tracker paired with over 500,000 545 W bifacial panels will produce energy for ERCOT’S South Zone, powering approximately 47,000 homes in the greater San Antonio area. 

WHC Energy Services, a company in the energy construction industry, is leading the engineering, procurement and construction for the solar power plant.

“We’re on a mission to repower the planet and modernize infrastructures with our Genius Tracker,” says Max Johnson, director of business development at GCS. “GCS is a respected leader in the energy transition and committed to bringing reliable power to demanding areas such as San Antonio.”

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