GameChange Solar Tracker Features Validated by Third Party


GameChange Solar (GCS) has had what the company calls “certain performance enhancement features” of its Genius Trackers validated by research and analysis firm Enertis, which examined the company’s proprietary algorithms for the tracker series. 

The company says the report includes models estimating power production from three of its algorithms, as well as presented site analysis findings, comparing real production data from inverters to theoretical models. 

It adds that the report found the company’s PowerBoost algorithm, meant to enhance solar plant production during backtracking, demonstrated 5.5% annual gains. Its SmartStow algorithm for wind-stow method had estimated gains of 3.15% over a 45-degree stow and 0.73% over a 0-degree stow. The company’s WeatherSmart is said to show gains of 6.02% during overcast days.

“We are pleased to announce that Enertis’s comprehensive analysis confirms, through models and real production data, the efficacy of our proprietary algorithms,” says Derick Botha, CCO at GameChange Solar. “Our innovative control logic helps maximize energy generation, which is what every solar project owner cares about.” 

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