GameChange’s Single-Axis Trackers Recieve U.S. Patent


GameChange Solar has received a broadly encompassing patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent covers the entire design of the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker.

Using GameChange’s Genius Tracker, it takes less than 165 worker hours per MW for one-panel (1P) installations using the company’s SpeedClamp racking and mounting solution. For two-panel (2P) installations, it takes less than 300 worker hours per MW.

“We are excited to grow our IP library. Receiving this broad-reaching patent covering single-axis solar trackers is a significant recognition of GameChange Solar’s design innovation,” says CEO Andrew Worden.

Single-axis solar tracking systems utilize a tilted photovoltaic (PV) panel mount. Based on the sun’s position, the solar panels can be tilted horizontally or vertically to follow the path of the sun. The single-axis trackers allow maximum exposure to the sun and thus maximize productivity.

GameChange Solar requires all of its systems to complete comprehensive wind tunnel testing, as well as destructive wind testing as performed by CPP. The company’s systems are rated to 175 mph wind speed and 90 psf snow load.

The company notes that with over 10 GW sold, their systems combine fast install, bankable quality, and value through innovative design and high-volume manufacturing.

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