Generation Bridge Planning Solar Power for New York Brownfield Site


Generation Bridge LLC, an owner of several electric power generation facilities in California, Connecticut and New York, is initiating a multi-year solar project in Oswego, N.Y., that will utilize land that currently contains several fuel oil storage tanks with a total capacity of nearly 130 million gallons.

The project, which is planned to total 25 MW by 2027, will be built at the South Oswego Terminal and developed by asset manager Eastern Generation LLC.

Generation Bridge and Eastern Generation are affiliates of ArcLight Capital Partners, a power infrastructure investor with an existing portfolio containing over 25 GW of installed generating capacity.

“ArcLight is proud to support Generation Bridge’s investment in Oswego and help New York meet its renewable energy goals by replacing fossil fuel infrastructure with clean energy generation,” says Dan Revers, managing partner at ArcLight. “We look forward to working with the State of New York, the Department of Environmental Conservation, and the local Oswego community to begin to transition the Oswego Harbor Power station away from fossil fuel by replacing inactive fuel oil storage tanks with clean, renewable solar power.”

Generation Bridge says the Oswego solar project is the first of several planned projects, which may ultimately include additional investments in solar, energy storage and other clean energy technologies both at the terminal and the main Oswego Harbor Power plant. 

“As the long-time operator of several power generation facilities in New York State as well as manager of thousands of megawatts of power generation across the Northeast, we are bringing considerable engineering and project management experience to these development projects,” says Mark Sudbey, CEO of Eastern Generation. “These investments in a brownfield site are made possible thanks to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and New York’s leadership in clean energy.”

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