Green Stream Applies for Utility Interconnection for a New York Solar Farm


Green Stream Holdings Inc. has engaged KMB, a photovoltaic design and engineering service provider, to assist the company in installing several ground-mount solar farms in New York.

Green Stream previously contracted with KMB in order to have them conduct solar feasibility studies for three separate locations. This interconnection application is for the Hadley site in New York.

“An interconnection agreement is a contract with a utility for distributed generated systems, including solar photovoltaics,” says CEO James DiPrima. “The agreement is a written notice to a utility company of plans to construct, install and operate any system which will be connected to the grid and must be submitted prior to the start of construction. After the utility receives the required documentation, the application is reviewed for approval.”

The project will consist of the installation of 4,980 kW DC / 7,020 kW AC of photovoltaic modules installed on a ground mount racking system at Hadley. The projects will be interconnected directly with the utility at one point of interconnection with a new service feeder from the utility substation. The scope of work will include interconnection drawings, electrical permit and construction drawings, and support through the construction phase.

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