Growatt Releases Commercial/Industrial Solar Inverter Globally


Growatt’s MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV inverter is now available globally. The MAX supports up to 150% DC/AC ratio to achieve lower LCOE for PV plants. With its wide MPPT working range from 180V to 1000V, the inverter can start working earlier in the morning and switch off later in the afternoon, achieving longer operation time to harvest more solar energy.

Growatt enhances operational safety with Type II SPD on DC&AC sides, fuse-free design, integrated DC switch, IP66 protection as well as optional active arcing protection (AFCI) and built-in PID recovery to provide all-round protection for the inverter and even the whole PV system.

“Designed especially for C&I solar applications, the new MAX model is set with a maximum output power of 125 kW, which is the highest power for string inverter with multiple MPPTs at 400V AC level,” says Lisa Zhang, Growatt’s marketing director. With maximum DC input current reaching 32A for each MPPT and 16A for each string, this new MAX inverter combines well with high-power and bi-facial modules. Its 10 MPP trackers support the connection of a maximum of 20 strings, which significantly reduces energy loss caused by shadow effect and module mismatch.

Growatt simplifies the management of multiple inverters with its Smart Energy Manager, which can also realize export limitation and PF control of the system. The company has developed ShinePhone and ShineServer for end-users to monitor system operation anytime, and an OSS (Online Smart Service) system for installers and distributors to easily access online service, such as online smart IV scan and diagnosis, remote configuration and firmware upgrade, enabling 60% of issues to be solved without site visits, reducing O&M costs.

“Since its recent launch on the market, the new MAX inverter has quickly accumulated over 500 MW in shipments. Now we are ready to bring this outstanding C&I solution to more countries worldwide,” Zhang concludes.

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