Hail Detection Technology Offers Advanced Information About Weather Threats


Indji Systems, a California-based software company, has introduced its Indji Watch platform to the solar market. Indji Watch is a hail detection technology that equips the industry with the capability to anticipate hail events, implement effective defensive measures and safeguard their investments.

With the solar industry experiencing a significant surge in utility-scale sites built in hail-prone areas, insurers are now requiring stakeholders to demonstrate effective mitigation strategies and protocols to tackle hail events that could result in considerable damage to solar facilities. 

Indji Watch automatically detects early environmental threats and delivers real-time notifications through intuitive, intelligent dashboards. Updates on potential hail threats are delivered up to the moment of storm impacts, allowing companies time to prepare. Its customizable thresholds also allow for targeted alerts tailored to the specific panel technology deployed at each site, enabling customers to safeguard their assets with greater precision.

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