Hawaii Cattle Ranch Installing PV-Integrated Microgrid


Indiana-based Go Electric Inc., a provider of energy resiliency solutions, is providing a solar-integrated microgrid for Parker Ranch, a Hawaii cattle ranch established in 1847.

Go Electric will design and construct a 400 kW microgrid, located on-site at the ranch in Waimea. The Go Electric system will serve as a key resource for energy resiliency while also supporting overall grid resiliency on the Big Island.

The microgrid will service the cattle water pump operations at the ranch and several small commercial activities located nearby. It provides energy resiliency through distributed energy resources, including battery energy storage, a backup diesel generator and Go Electric’s patented microgrid control technology. The microgrid will also integrate with solar PV being installed at the ranch.

The solution can also provide Parker Ranch with uninterruptible power supply, ensure that renewable energy resources safely operate during a grid outage and supply grid services to Hawaii Electric Light Co.

“The Go Electric microgrid underpins the three major strategies at Parker Ranch – energy, agriculture and community development,” says Dutch Kuyper, president and CEO of Parker Ranch. “Through energy resiliency, we’ll enable a sustainable future for the ranch, the community and the Big Island.”

“This microgrid is a unique nexus of energy, agriculture and water,” adds Lisa Laughner, CEO of Go Electric. “We are delighted to be part of Parker Ranch’s resiliency vision while contributing to the broader grid resiliency on the Big Island.”

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