Hoymiles’ Three-Phase Solar Microinverter Enters North American Market


Hoymiles has announced the North American launch of its three-phase microinverter, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series.

This new microinverter is purpose-built to meet the demands of high-powered PV modules and deliver strong performance, cost-effectiveness and safety for commercial and industrial PV applications across North America.

“Today, we are thrilled to introduce the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series three-phase microinverter to the North American market,” says Rocky Gao, CEO of Hoymiles US. “This product reflects Hoymiles’ commitment to innovation and solutions that empower the solar industry. It offers unmatched performance, efficiency and safety, and we are confident it will redefine the standards for commercial and industrial solar installations in North America.”

Key features of the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA Series include the following:

High power output: The HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series microinverter is engineered to accommodate high-powered PV modules, boasting an impressive peak output power of up to 2,000 VA. With a maximum DC input current of up to 16 A, it ensures exceptional energy conversion efficiency;

Tailored for North American grids: Designed to meet the specific requirements of North American grids, this microinverter is compatible with three-phase Delta network configurations, making it an ideal choice for the region;

S-Miles Cloud: Seamlessly integrated with the S-Miles Cloud smart platform, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series enables module-level monitoring and remote operations and maintenance;

4-in-1 design: The 4-in-1 design not only accelerates installation but also lowers overall project costs, as one unit can be connected to as many as four PV modules. This makes it a highly attractive option for commercial and industrial applications;

Enhanced safety: The HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series prioritizes safety for rooftop solar installations, with rapid shutdown compliance and an isolated transformer;

Sub-1GHz wireless communication: The introduction of the new sub-1G wireless solution enhances communication stability with the Hoymiles gateway DTU. This advancement ensures reliable real-time monitoring capabilities, particularly in commercial and industrial settings.

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