Ideematec Unveils the Horizon L:Tec Solar Tracker


Ideematec Inc., a global supplier of solar tracking systems, has released its Horizon L:Tec solar tracker. 

The new two-module-in-portrait (2P) tracker features a patented locking technology that secures modules in position against torsional galloping, caused by extreme wind loads, to reduce maintenance costs and expand product lifespan. The tracker integrates with bifacial modules to generate more energy per tracker – and accommodates extra-large photovoltaic modules. Panels are able to remain in stow position, at a zero degree angle, against up to 180 mph winds.

Horizon L:Tec builds on Ideematec’s decoupled drive technology, which transports dynamic loads into foundational posts and away from gearboxes. Ideematec trackers require four times fewer gearboxes and motors than conventional trackers. This significantly reduces installation time and maintenance costs – and improves overall system efficiency.

“This innovation addresses a major pain point in the global solar market,” says Mario Eckl, CEO of Ideematec. “With reinforced, locking technology, large scale solar projects are able to generate power even in severe climates and geographies. This improved design responds to increasing demand for equipment that’s both fast to install in order to reduce construction costs, and built to withstand worst-case-scenarios. It shows our commitment to creating reliable solutions that will accelerate our path toward a resilient, clean energy future.”

Measuring 190 meters in length, Horizon L:Tec is one of the longest solar trackers on the global market and will be available in all markets in January 2021. Soon after, the company plans to announce a one-module-in-portrait (1P) version of the tracker, using the same technology, which will enable customers to purchase either option from a single supplier.

Photo: Ideematc’s landing page

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