Ingeteam Becomes First Inverter Manufacturer to be NTS Certified


Ingeteam, an international technology group that specializes in electric power conversion, has become the first central inverter manufacturer to be certified under the Technical Supervision Regulation of conformity (NTS) with Regulation EU 2016-631, specifically for its central inverters in the Ingecon Sun Power range and its EMS Plant Controller system.

With this certificate, Ingeteam is getting ahead of the mandatory compliance requirement that will come into effect once the draft of the Ministerial Order transposing Regulation EU 2016-631 to national regulations has been passed. The certificate was issued by the Certification Entity of Renewable Energies (CERE), recently accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC).

The NTS defines the test procedure for inverters and additional parts, such as the plant control systems and the importance of the certification of the latter with a view to the validation and certification of the installations as a whole.

This certification confirms the quality of the functionalities of the Ingeteam equipment for power grid connection and support. According to Ingeteam, customers will now find it easier to quickly validate and certify their PV installations.

Photo: Ingecon Sun Power PV inverter

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