iSun Acquires 5.47 MW of Solar Contracts in New England


iSun Inc. has picked up two new contracts valued at nearly $6 million combined to implement renewable energy solutions for community solar projects in northern New England.

The first project award is for 4.07 MW and has a value of approximately $4.4 million. The second award of 1.4 MW is valued at approximately $1.5 million.

These two new contracts bring recent awards to more than $20 million and a total of nearly 25 MW in northern New England. Both projects are under way and expected to be completed this year.

“We’re very pleased with our recent contract awards in two more communities as we assist more residents across northern New England in implementing alternative energy solutions,” says Jeffrey Peck, chairman and CEO of iSun. “These awards, combined with our other recently announced wins, secure more than $20 million in contracts for iSun throughout New England as we show continued success in cultivating long-term customer relationships. The transition to clean energy remains the most important initiative of our generation and we are proud to assist more communities in achieving alternative energy solutions.”

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