JA Solar Supplies Modules for Floating PV Plants in Spain, Malaysia


JA Solar says it supplied all the photovoltaic (PV) modules for Spain’s first grid-connected floating solar plant, which is located in the Sierra Brava reservoir in the Extremadura region. The project has been successfully connected to the grid and put into operation.

The 1.1 MW project adopts JA Solar monofacial and bifacial modules that are installed in various orientation and inclination angles using different floating systems. Comparing their differences in energy yields and maintenance costs will be an important reference for the development of floating PV projects.

Compared with the traditional ground-mounted PV plant, a floating solar plant can reduce land resources required, while the water helps to restrain the rise of the surface temperature of modules and enhance power generation. With these advantages, floating PV plants have gradually attracted more attention from investors and EPCs on a global scale.

“With the continuous development of the clean energy industry, PV power generation is being applied more widely,” says Jin Baofang, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of JA Solar. “A floating PV plant reduces the impact of land resource constraints and is complementary to applications such as ground-mounted PV plants and rooftop PV systems. JA Solar has been committed to the development and application of high-efficiency PV products.”

To protect kestrels, two floating islands and nest boxes have been installed. The living conditions of birds and fish will be monitored to understand the impact of PV plant operations on the surrounding creatures and provide a reference for the operation and maintenance of floating solar plants.

In addition, Malaysia’s first floating PV plant, a 10 MW floating PV project in Selangor state, has been successfully connected to the grid. The JA Solar double-glass modules selected for the project have excellent weather resistance performance and can maintain stable energy yield under high temperature and high humidity to effectively raise customers’ profits.

Photo: A JA Solar project in Kenitra, Morocco

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