Karamba Security Enters Production Agreement with SolarEdge


Karamba Security, a company that specializes in embedded cybersecurity for connected devices, says it has signed a production agreement for its XGuard software with SolarEdge.

As a global PV inverter manufacturer with more than 1.25 million connected sites and more than 14 GW of PV systems worldwide, SolarEdge places importance on protecting its connected inverters against cyber attacks in order to safeguard customer security and privacy. To provide self-protection, SolarEdge will embed Karamba Security’s XGuard software into its products. 

XGuard software continuously and automatically conducts runtime integrity checks. If XGuard software detects a deviation from factory settings, it will prevent and report the deviation to the SolarEdge management cloud.

“The energy market is becoming more connected and, as such, represents a lucrative attack target for hackers,” says Ami Dotan, co-founder and CEO of Karamba. 

Photo: Karamba Security’s cybersecurity interface

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