Kearsarge Energy Retains GZA for Massachusetts Solar Farm


GZA, a multi-disciplinary firm providing geotechnical, environmental, ecological, water and construction management services, has been retained by Kearsarge Energy and the town of Montague, Mass., for engineering services supporting the development of a new 3 MW solar farm.

The project, which will also involve the capping of a long-abandoned landfill in Montague, brings GZA’s total solar generation capacity to over 2,400 MW. 

“Solar energy, landfill closings and construction-site engineering support are the three core capabilities of GZA. It’s an exciting opportunity and honor for us to deploy all three of these to support Kearsarge Energy and Montague in this ‘brownfield to brightfield’ project,’’ says Patrick Sheehan, CEO of GZA.  

The project will utilize approximately 7,000 PV panels across 10 acres and will be coupled with a battery storage system. While most of the solar panels will be installed on the landfill, 300 kW of the project’s capacity will be installed on canopies placed over a parking area.

As an integral part of the project, 7.6 acres of the landfill will be permanently closed and secured to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP) standards. GZA will provide third-party engineering oversight services including documentation and monthly reporting to MassDEP.

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Drew Gillett
Drew Gillett
3 years ago

pictures and map would b nice as well as amount and rate of storage component 300kw per acre is good