Solar Alliance Energy Building Solar System in Kentucky


Solar Alliance Energy Inc., an energy solutions provider focused on residential, commercial and industrial solar installations, has signed a contract with Louisville Gas and Electric Co. (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Co. (KU), members of the PPL Corp. family of companies, to build an additional 500 kW phase of a solar system in Kentucky. 

In November 2020, Solar Alliance signed a contract for a 500 kW system that included an option for LG&E and KU to select Solar Alliance to build an additional 500 kW system at the same location. LG&E and KU exercised that option – Solar Alliance will now build a combined 1 MW project for the customer. 

The two phases will be built simultaneously and construction will commence in the spring of this year. The two projects represent sections three and four of LG&E and KU’s Solar Share Program, a cost-effective option available to the utilities’ residential, business and industrial customers who want to support solar energy for as little as 20 cents per day. A total of eight 500 kW Solar Share sections are planned for the Simpsonville facility, for a total of 4 MW.

“Reaching the site’s halfway point is a milestone we’re thrilled to be approaching and one we couldn’t have reached without our customers,” says Eileen Saunders, vice president of customer services at LG&E and KU. “We developed this program in response to our customers’ increasing interest in supporting local solar generation and advancing their sustainability goals.”

Solar Alliance is working with Boyd CAT, a regional Caterpillar dealer, on this and other projects as the two companies expand the portfolio of solar projects they are partnering on. The utilities are currently accepting enrollments for the fifth section, which is now more than 45% subscribed.

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