Mitrex Debuts Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Product Line


Mitrex, a Canadian manufacturer of solar technology, says it is bringing its roofing panels to market. 

Mitrex notes its panels are developed to provide a cost-efficient energy solution for homes. The company says its patented building-integrated photovoltaic technology (BIPV) extends a building’s energy-generating potential, allowing every sun-touched surface to generate electricity. The solar roof panels can be easily installed on both new and existing homes. Mitrex’s products can also mimic the appearance of traditional asphalt and slate shingles, with various colors and patterns available. 

“Our solar roof solutions are for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment,” says Danial Hadizadeh, CEO of Mitrex. “With our streamlined installation process, homeowners are now able to tap into solar technology to contribute to a net-zero carbon future without compromising the look of their home.”

Mitrex says it invests heavily in research and development, and all of these applications are part of its mission to increase solar energy adoption. Mitrex solar roof products are made in Canada, in a custom-built factory based in the Greater Toronto Area. The company’s facility produces thousands of solar panels per month.

Key specifications of Mitrex solar roof solutions include:

-Mimics traditional patterns and colors for a seamless integration
-Frameless panels that allow for more surface area coverage
-Made with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells
-Treated with anti-soiling coating, easing maintenance requirements
-A 25-year electricity generation warranty and a 30-year material warranty

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