New Jersey Resort Hosts 3.5 MW Solar PV Installation


Crystal Springs Resort has commenced commercial operations of a 3.5 MW solar farm in northern New Jersey.

Developed in partnership with New Jersey-based Marina Energy, the project spans 25 acres and includes more than 19,000 solar panels. The output exceeds the electric consumption of the resort’s two hotels, the 280-room Grand Cascades Lodge and 175-room Minerals Hotel.

“We recognize that our guests visit us not only for our wide array of amenities, but also for enjoyment of the resort’s beautiful natural surroundings,” says resort Chief Marketing Officer Chris Mulvihill. “So it is only fitting that we should take steps to minimize our impact on the environment to help preserve it for generations to come.”

The project has qualified for net metering under New Jersey’s solar program, which means the resort will maintain a stable source of electricity supply by drawing from the grid at night and other low solar generation periods and providing excess energy to the grid after all resort consumption has been satisfied during the day.  

The resort is holding a ceremony at Grand Cascades Lodge on Dec. 13 to officially flip the switch on the project.

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