New UC Berkeley Building Gets Fitted With Sunpreme Bifacial Solar Panels


Sungevity has installed Sunpreme bifacial PV panels on the roof of Jacobs Hall, the brand-new home for the University of California, Berkeley’s Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation in the College of Engineering.

The solar system, commissioned in the first quarter of this year, is the largest solar array on the University of California, Berkeley campus, says Sungevity, which says Sunpreme’s bifacial technology allows the PV panels to absorb light from both sides and thus further increase energy yield.

“We at Sunpreme are proud to partner with Sungevity and University of California, Berkeley in a trend-setting capacity for the solar market in sophisticated urban settings,” says Ashok K. Sinha, chairman and CEO of Sunpreme.

“We are spearheading the transformation of PV solar installations from purely utilitarian function to artistic rooftop designs that add beauty to the function,” Sinha continues. “Our symmetrical, double-glass panels are visually appealing even from the underside looking up while delivering PV power at the highest levels by empowering the sun from all directions.”

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