NEXTracker Supplies Solar Trackers to 174 Power Global


NEXTracker, a company that specializes in smart solar trackers, energy storage systems and advanced control software, has been selected by 174 Power Global, an affiliate of Hanwha Group, to supply its smart solar trackers across the company’s 3.4 GW U.S. portfolio. 

The contract was executed in the second half of 2019, and NEXTracker completed the shipment of 3.4 GW. The commercial agreement marks one of the largest racking contracts in solar industry history, the companies say.

“NEXTracker’s distributed architecture and exemplary yield gain technology were critical to our decision. Having an assured tracker supply and cost savings guaranteed through Safe Harbor as we continue to plan our project pipeline is critical in advancing our mission of creating a more sustainable future,” says Henry Yun, CEO of 174 Power Global.   

Photo: NX Horizon smart solar tracker by NEXTracker

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