NRG Systems Debuts Data Logger for Utility-Scale Solar Projects


NRG Systems Inc., a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies for a range of solar, wind and meteorological applications, is offering a new, solar-specific data logging system. The LOGR-S Data Logger is designed for solar resource monitoring on operational utility-scale PV plants and can be configured to meet a project’s unique requirements.

“As the amount of installed solar capacity continues to skyrocket around the world, demand for reliable, high-quality solar resource measurements is at an all-time high,” says Michael Fisher, NRG’s senior product manager for solar. “NRG decided to leverage its decades-long experience in data logger development and manufacturing to bring this highly functional yet streamlined product to market. As with all our products, our goal with LOGR-S is to make our customers’ lives easier by prioritizing application-specific functionality and ease-of-use.”

LOGR-S integrates with NRG’s Solar Resource Monitoring System as well as industry-standard sensors, allowing users to plug into a facility’s SCADA network with ease. Additional features include a built-in PV input module for soiling measurements, integrated SCADA communications capabilities, storage capacity for historical real-time data and automated delivery of historical data.

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