OMG Roofing Products Unveils the PGU-7


OMG Roofing Products has introduced PowerGrip Universal 7 (PGU-7), a rooftop attachment anchor for mounting solar racking systems.

PGU-7 units are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for ballast in solar racking systems, so there’s less weight, material handling and labor on the roof.

Designed with wind performance in mind, PGU-7 units offer up to 2,051 lbf (9.12 kN) of tensile strength, 1,581 lbf (7.03 kN) of shear strength and up to 2,214 lbf (9.84 kN) of compressive load strength.

Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, PGU-7 units include a base ring that is secured through the roofing assembly and into the structural roof deck, as well as a waterproof cover plate to prevent water from infiltrating the system.

“Commercial rooftop solar has continued to grow at a steady pace,” says Kevin Kervick, solar business manager for OMG Roofing Products. “In addition, the prevalence of damaging storms has increased dramatically over the past few years, which has reinforced the market need for stronger roof anchor systems, such as PGU-7s. With our full family of PowerGrip products, OMG Roofing Products can provide appropriate anchors for virtually any rooftop solar installation.” See this site for a good example.

PGU-7 units transfer wind up-lift loads to the structural roof deck. The system does not require any membrane welding, and PGU-7 units are typically installed in less than five minutes.

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