Polar Racking Expands U.S. Manufacturing Capacity


Polar Racking, a North American supplier and manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, has added two U.S. manufacturing facilities to produce solar mounting solutions.

Located in Michigan and Florida, the facilities will help Polar Racking meet the growing demand for U.S. manufactured solar mounting solutions, reduce lead times and help build the domestic solar industry market.

“Expanding our manufacturing capacity to the U.S. demonstrates Polar Racking’s steadfast commitment to operational agility and excellence,” says Pals Saddyappan, director of supply chain and global manufacturing at Polar Racking. “Our new U.S. facilities mitigate shipping lead time risks for our customers and give us additional control over the entire supply chain.”

Vishal Lala, managing director of Polar Racking, adds: “The expansion of [our] manufacturing operations is in response to our customers’ needs to meet the Inflation Reduction Act domestic content requirements. [The company] supports the government’s initiative to re-shore the PV supply chain to create local jobs and bolster the local economy.” 

Polar Racking has a pipeline of 3.4 GW of solar mounting and racking across North America and the Caribbean and supports the accelerating growth of solar development across North America.

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