Polar Supplies Racking for Large Urban Solar Installations in Calgary


Polar Racking is supplying PRU-ballasted, fixed-tilt racking and some structural engineering services for two large solar installations in Calgary, Alberta: Deerfoot Solar and Barlow Solar, 55 MW DC and 37 MW DC, respectively.

Construction is projected to start in 2022 and will be the largest solar installation in a major urban center in Canada.

The two projects will be using 175,000 bifacial solar panels mounted on Polar’s ballasted, fixed-ground mount, which was the optimal solution for these sites because of its robust design. The system’s unique features can accommodate heavier snow loads and wind conditions that are typical of the cooler climates of Alberta.

“We’re excited to have large utilities putting their trust in our services and racking products,” says Vishal Lala, managing partner at Polar Racking. “At Polar, we deliver the highest value to our clients. We are proud to be supplying our racking systems to these large-scale projects, on otherwise unusable land near urban landscape, adding to our rapidly growing pipeline in North America.”

The Deerfoot and Barlow installations will make up the largest urban solar project in Canada. In total, the projects will have a combined capacity of 92 MW DC or 64 MW AC. These installations are set to generate enough clean energy to power more than 18,000 homes and offset 68,000 tons of carbon emissions each year.

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