Manufacturer Debuts New Flat Roof Mounting System


Q CELLS, a total energy solutions provider in solar, energy storage, downstream project business and energy retail, has launched the Q.FLAT-G6, a flat roof mounting system, in all of the major European solar markets.

Q CELLS says its Q.FLAT-G6 mounting system has an optimized ballast that makes it the company’s most aerodynamic flat roof mounting system to date. The Q.FLAT-G6 was subjected to WTG wind channel testing and is manufactured using materials that are durable, environmentally friendly and lightning protected. The ballast fixing is also compatible with most rooftop properties, including gravel and green roofs, notes the company.

“We are excited to introduce the new Q.FLAT-G6 system to our European markets, which is another product to add to our growing portfolio of services and energy solutions in Europe,” says Goo Min, head of EU sales for Q CELLS. “Q CELLS sees untapped potential in the commercial and industrial (C&I) solar sector. Our solar leasing and power contracting services are designed to support businesses that wish to embrace a solar future without the burden of high upfront costs.”

The company touts the Q.FLAT-G6’s short installation time. Connection to the rooftop is achieved in four steps due to the non-interchangeable click technology. The installation process only requires one tool to complete. Installers do not have to undertake unnecessary measurements while up on the roof.

Q CELLS says the cabling of the solar panels is simplified thanks to the Q.FLAT-G6’s design, which ensures a tangle-free and safe cable-laying process. Customers can also opt for a range of accessories, including an inverter bank and irradiation sensors to ensure that their installation is operating at maximum efficiency. The Q.FLAT-G6 is compatible with all  Q CELLS solar module types designed for C&I arrays. 

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