RNA Wraps Up 1.45 MW Solar Project in Marin County


Renewable America (RNA), a provider of solar+storage and multi-customer community microgrid projects in California, has completed its 1.45 MW Fallon solar project, located in the Petaluma area of Marin County, Calif.

The deal is financed with Sunwest Bank through a sale leaseback structure, allowing RNA to maintain the project through its entire lifecycle. The solar site will become part of MCE’s service area portfolio and produce an estimated 2,300 MWh per year.

“We’re thrilled to reach this milestone with one of our forty projects and are excited to further contribute to California’s clean energy portfolio targets,” says Ardi Arian, RNA’s president and CEO. “This deal also marks the inception of fruitful partnerships with both Sunwest Bank and MCE, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with other community choice aggregators.”

RNA says it obtained a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption permitting the construction of the photovoltaic facility, and was one of the first developers approved for agricultural compatible land use under the Williamson Act contract in Marin County. Specifically, the site will occupy only 3.6% of the parcel’s total acreage and retain the natural state of the remainder.

As part of RNA’s ag management plan, monitored sheep grazing will take place around the solar facility, and the county will evaluate the area on an ongoing basis, ensuring the land usage is environmentally beneficial.

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