Roll-A-Rack Seeking Installers For Beta Testing Of New Racking System


Roll-A-Rack is seeking 10 developers or solar installers to test its patent-pending Roll-A-Rack solar panel racking system, which the company says reduces racking and installation costs of flat-roof commercial or ground-based ballasted solar systems by 33%.

Following recent funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office for Roll-A-Rack development, Acme Express Inc., a technology company that develops applications for the transportation, finance, education and healthcare industries, is ready to begin beta testing.

“Developers and solar installers looking for cost-saving opportunities should consider participating in the Roll-A-Rack beta testing program,” says Don Scipione, president of Roll-A-Rack. 

“The beta testing program will help further refine our product and help make Roll-A-Rack an even faster, lower-cost solar racking solution,” he adds.

Like seamless rain gutters, which are formed and cut to length on site with portable roll-form machines, Roll-A-Rack produces custom solar racking on site and on demand. The material costs are 33% less than current racking systems. Installation time and labor costs are reduced by 65%.

Beta testers of Roll-A-Rack will help the company refine its manufacturing and installation processes. Beta testers will receive:

  • Early access to cost-saving technology with minimal risk
  • 100 kW of racking free of charge
  • Racks roll-formed on the project site by Roll-A-Rack at no cost
  • Wind uplift analysis to determine ballast requirements
  • Staff training
  • A case study, which can be used for marketing

For more information about Roll-A-Rack and the beta testing program, click here

Photo: Roll-A-Rack’s solar panel racking system

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