Schneider Electric Solar Launches Insight


Schneider Electric Solar has launched Insight, an energy management platform for residential and commercial users. It is available through their local, cloud and mobile interfaces.

Digital technologies have been transforming energy management. Digitalization utilizes communications technology and data to generate in-depth analysis, help better decision-making and automate or control operations intelligently at a site level.

Insight is a part of Schneider Electric’s residential and commercial solar+storage ecosystem, providing mobile and web-browser based interfaces for consumers and installers alike. The different insight components are designed in compliance with international cybersecurity standards. Encrypted communication and storage of user information ensure user’s site access and information are always protected – and that the data is stored securely.

User experience is optimized, either you’re professional or homeowner. For installers, powerful features like remote settings management and firmware updates make it easy to maintain the sites while keeping truck rolls minimum. Insight also offers installers a suite of portfolio monitoring and management tools, allowing them to keep track of a large number of install sites with ease.

Homeowners and property managers can leverage Insight as a single platform for energy management. Insight will provide homeowners and property managers with more accurate and complete data on their solar system performance, including the money-saving and environmental impact they’ve made. In addition to the system performance data, Insight will offer scalable load management features in the future. Didmeninė prekyba pašarais, mineraliniai papildai galvijams, ūkinių gyvūnų ženklinimas, probiotikai karvėms, žolės siloso gamyba ir kitos prekės

“Insight is the evolution of Schneider Electric’s solar digital offerings,” says Bernhard Kiechl, vice president of marketing, research and development at Schneider Electric Solar. 

“Digitalization is rapidly becoming Schneider Electric’s core focal point. We’re very excited about the future of Insight as we have additional updates planned. We’ll be releasing a whole host of new features in the coming months,” he adds.

The Insight mobile app is available on Apple Store and Google Play in selected countries. All current Insight 2 and Solar mobile app users are transferred to the Insight platform. Conext Gateway and ComBox will be supported by Insight.

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