SenseHawk Expands Cloud Platform For Solar


SenseHawk, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software for the entire solar lifecycle, has added three new applications to SenseHawk Core, its cloud-based platform for solar.

SenseHawk Core is an integrated set of applications to support everything from solar plant design and construction to operation and maintenance. The three new applications are the SenseHawk App for site operations and collaboration; SenseHawk Desk for ticketing and workflow management; and SenseHawk Vault for file storage, indexing and sharing.

The applications join three previously announced applications in SenseHawk Core: SenseHawk Terra for terrain data processing and analytics, SenseHawk Eye for construction monitoring and management, and SenseHawk Therm for thermography and plant health assessment.

“With SenseHawk Core, solar companies can reimagine all their processes and significantly enhance productivity,” says Swarup Mavanoor, CEO and co-founder of SenseHawk. “We are committed to making every step of the way in solar as easy and seamless as possible.”

Every data element (e.g., files, field information, performance data, analytics, reports, tickets and checklists) is indexed to a virtual model (digital twin) of the solar site and is accessible through APIs on SenseHawk Core. Using AI analytics, SenseHawk Core applications use this data and deliver insights to support processes and decisions throughout the solar lifecycle.

“We expect developers to build exciting new data analytics and prognostics applications that make use of our powerful data model,” says Rahul Sankhe, president and co-founder of SenseHawk. “Our digital twin will play a major role in integrating solar plants into tomorrow’s smart grid, but the industry can benefit from the productivity improvement today.”

All six applications in SenseHawk Core (for iOs and Android) are offered individually or as an integrated solution.

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