SFOne: Soltec Consolidates Position Among Solar Tracking Companies


Soltec, among the world’s leading companies in the supply and manufacture of solar trackers, has continued its focus on innovation in order to offer cutting-edge technology in solar tracking to the market.

In line with this strategy, the company recently launched its new SFOne solar tracker with 1P configuration to meet market demand and that of its customers.

With SFOne, Soltec returns to 1P multi-row technology, which it developed in 2009 with the SA Series tracker. The company, already present in more than 16 countries where this new tracker will be available, has decided to return to this technology in order to expand its portfolio and meet the demand of all its customers.

SFOne encapsulates Soltec’s vision, in which the customer and innovation are always at the heart of its actions. With SFOne, the company is bringing a new product to market with innovative technology such as the Dy-Wind methodology, the most advanced for the design of wind-resistant structures, and the Diffuse Booster system for low light conditions.

Another of the virtues of this product is that it has a lower operational cost, thanks to its dedicated self-powered module and ease of installation and construction, reducing development time by 75%. SFOne also offers up to 8.6% energy efficiency.

SFOne helps respect the environment through the design of its lower-height structure, reducing the visual impact of the plants where this new product is installed. In addition, thanks to the possibility of manufacturing tracker components in factories close to the plants, it is possible to reduce imports, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in all the countries where the company is present.

Soltec continues to consolidate its position as a leading company in the supply and manufacture of solar trackers after 17 years of specialization in the photovoltaic sector. Its innovative spirit has led Soltec to a continuous commitment to research new technologies and to currently have more than 35 international patents and nearly 65 in the process of approval.

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