Solar Helps Power NYC Cornell Campus


Cornell Tech, an engineering school of Cornell University, has opened up a New York City campus powered in part by Solaria solar panels.

According to Solaria, the new campus leverages a number of green building strategies to maximize energy efficiency. Solaria provided 2,300 PowerXT rooftop modules and customized PowerView “architectural solar glass” for two buildings on the Cornell Tech campus – The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center and The Bridge – which, combined, use 47,000 square feet of Solaria PV panels, the equivalent of a 900 kW system. According to Solaria, its commercial building-integrated PVincorporates solar technology into the building structure itself in order to generate energy.

“When designing the Bloomberg Center, we knew we needed to leverage the most innovative yet proven technologies available to help us achieve our building performance goals,” says Ung-Joo Scott Lee, principal architect at Morphosis Architects. “Through our team’s collaborative design and research, we developed multiple site-specific strategies, including solar. Solaria offered important customizable options, an affordable solution and a great looking product – addressing key criteria in the design of modern green buildings and overcoming the challenges of traditional construction practices.”

Photo courtesy of Solaria’s Twitter page

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