Solar Installed At Campbell Soup’s World Headquarters


A 4.4 MW solar project has come online at Campbell Soup Co.’s world headquarters in Camden, N.J.

The project is a partnership between Campbell Soup, BNB Renewable Energy Holdings, SunPower Corp. and ORIX USA Corp.

Construction began on the project last May. The project joins four existing renewable energy projects at Campbell facilities in the U.S.: a 9.8 MW solar array in Napoleon, Ohio; a 1 MW solar array in Bloomfield, Conn.; and a 1.2 MW fuel cell and 1.4 MW fuel cell in Bloomfield, Conn.

The new project features rooftop, carport and ground-mount solar solutions, including 2.7 MW arrays installed across Campbell’s world headquarters campus and an additional 1.7 MW ground-mount array on an adjacent 4.5-acre remediated brownfield that BNB purchased specifically for the project. It is the largest solar array in the city of Camden, according to the project partners.

The system will generate more than 5 million kWh of electricity per year – the equivalent of approximately 20% of the annual electricity usage of Campbell’s world headquarters. Under the terms of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA), Campbell has agreed to purchase all electricity from the project at a predetermined rate. The fixed PPA rate is currently well below the cost of traditional electricity for Campbell.

The project is jointly owned by BNB and ORIX USA, a diversified financial company. BNB is managing the project under a 20-year management services agreement with the project company, BNB Camden Solar LLC. The debt is being financed through PSE&G’s Solar Loan Program. The project will also feature five electric vehicle charging stations, provided by PSE&G via its EV Workplace Charging Program, for use by Campbell employees.

“Campbell’s renewable projects are delivering clean energy to the grid and demonstrating the viability of energy sources like solar. They contribute to our long-term sustainability strategy and deliver on our commitment to expand renewable energy,” states Jim Prunesti, vice president of global engineering for Campbell Soup.

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