Solar Insure Adds QuickBOLT Mounting Solutions to Approved Vendor List


QuickBOLT says it has become Solar Insure’s preferred mounting provider on its approved vendor list.

Solar insurance policies are a popular add-on to help build customer confidence and make installers stand out among the competition. Solar Insure’s 30-year extended warranty protection is 20% longer than any warranty on the market and covers parts, labor and roof penetrations.

With 10 years of experience designing solar mounting solutions, QuickBOLT says it is proud to team up with Solar Insure and have its mounting solutions available to installers. With zero reported leaks in the last decade, QuickBOLT’s solutions are relied upon by installers, insurance providers, and homeowners for maintaining roof integrity.

QB2 is the mount that inspired such confidence from Solar Insure, thanks to its BoltSeal technology and four layers of protection: optional sealant, stainless steel Microflashing with EPDM layer, an L-Foot, and a specially designed lag bolt, all working to mechanically compress the flashing into the roof at the point of penetration, creating a powerful watertight seal. Solar Insure’s warranty can now act as the fifth layer of protection, QuickBOLT says.

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