Solar on Stone Coated Steel Roofs: The Hidden Gold Rush


Solar installers consider roofing material when deciding which mounts to purchase for each gig, but many pass on job opportunities due to unfamiliarity with certain types of roofs. A prime example of this is stone coated steel (SCS) roofs.

These roofs are known by a few other names, such as stamped metal, metal tile, metal shingle, etc., and they are often overlooked as a viable roofing material for solar installations. Why? Well, we asked installers at the recent Intersolar 2022 trade show why they haven’t installed on SCS roofs, and the consensus was clear.

While many didn’t know about the available mounting solutions, most simply didn’t know how they could work with the roofing material and haven’t considered it any further. There’s a goldmine of solar installations out there waiting to be claimed. Adaptable teams could take advantage of the gap in the market and open an entirely new line of income for their businesses.

SCS roofs are one of the easiest kinds of roofing material to install (after asphalt shingle), and certainly easier than installing on asphalt shingle with sheet metal flashing. Roof manufacturers like Decra and Westlake Royal Roofing’s Unified Steel (formerly Boral) have guides on how to walk on their SCS roofs. It’s rather simple and not too different from walking on Spanish tiles. The key is to step where the panels are strongest. This is the same location regardless of whether there are battens beneath the panels or not: Walk on the top of the horizontal overlap if the panels rest on battens, and if the panels are a direct-to-deck roof profile, do the same.

QuickBOLT’s mounting solutions for SCS roofs are the direct result of working with roof manufacturers. Part numbers 17550 and 17612 are the SKUs for adjustable mounts designed for installation on SCS roof profiles with battens. Those part numbers include mounting screws that feature innovations brought over from our wood fasteners brand, Quickscrews, with choices between 5/16” and 1/4″.  

Installation is simple once you’ve identified your mounting location. First, you’ll start by removing the roof panel, then locating the rafter. Next, you mark and predrill the hole for your mount. Place the mount over the batten first, and make sure it snugly rests against the edge of the roof panel to ensure a proper fit when you place the other panel back into place. Fill the predrilled holes with a dab of sealant, and place the mount and drive screws to secure. Then, place the SCS sheet back into place over the hook. (Watch an installation video here.)

Part numbers 17628 and 17630 are the SKUs for fixed-height mounts designed for battenless (aka direct-to-deck) SCS roof profiles. The two parts offer a choice between 5/16” and 1/4″ mounting screws.

The beauty of metal panels is that they can be placed firmly over solar mounting hooks without the need for notching or drilling through the roof material. With easy mounting installation, this market is ripe for roofers and solar installers looking to expand their services.

Please see QuickBOLT’s SCS solar mounting solutions here.

Mike Wiener is marketing manager of QuickBOLT, a division of Quickscrews International Corp. that focuses on solar mounting solutions for residential roofs.

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