Solar Support Launches Predictive, Corrective Inverter Program


Solar Support, an engineering services company, has rolled out a diagnostic equipment maintenance program that uses analytics to assess the health of central inverters in utility-scale PV systems. Backed by the company’s 22 years of inverter and power electronics troubleshooting, the program supports both predictive and corrective O&M.

Solar Support engineers analyze internal inverter data to evaluate components, pinpoint impending issues and failure trends, and help plant managers identify and source the right parts for rapid repairs. Solar Support data analysis capabilities currently include inverters from all leading manufacturers. 

“With thousands of aging inverters in the field – many under high utility PPAs and elapsing warranties – accurate diagnostic maintenance is more important than ever,” says Cliff Myers, chief engineer and co-founder of Solar Support. “Unlike service alternatives that can take days, we help asset owners understand and correct the cause of their inverter issues in under 24 hours.”

The maintenance program comprises two intelligent services: Data Analysis, which diagnoses failures once they occur, and Predictive Data Analysis, which evaluates failure trends before they become a problem. Both services include prescriptive recommendations and can be combined with technical troubleshooting support and training to help teams resolve equipment issues. Solar Support also provides detailed replacement part recommendations to ensure field efficiencies. 

Solar Supports’ online knowledge portal offers complimentary and open access to nearly 1,000 inverter fault resolutions. The company says it welcomes collaboration with all manufacturers to help equipment users easily access diagnostics. 

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