Soltec: Driving PV Tracker Innovation


Soltec is a Spanish company characterized by driving innovation and constantly studying new technologies to lead the development of the photovoltaic industry. The company, which is currently the world’s third largest manufacturer and supplier of solar tracking equipment for PV, offers its customers the most advanced technology and focuses its activity on product innovation to yield the highest performance. 

Soltec’s technical competency comes from a team of experts that combines professional experience in photovoltaic tracking with talent and an innovative approach. The company has more than 100 engineers worldwide, more than 35 international patents and integrated teams focused on customer service.

Through the development of cutting-edge technologies, Soltec has achieved international recognition. For instance, the company is committed to bifacial tracker technology: products that capture energy from both the front and back of solar arrays, increasing production by more than 30%.

In 2015, Soltec manufactured the first solar tracker designed for bifacial PV modules, installed in La Silla, Chile, and in 2018 opened a bifacial tracking research center in California. It is currently supplying bifacial trackers to large-scale projects, such as an 852 MW development in Brazil.

In September 2020, Soltec launched its most innovative solar tracking product, the SF8, under the slogan “Designed for Greatness.” The SF8 produces up to 8.6% more energy than other solar trackers and provides 22% more rigidity to the structure than its predecessor, the SF7. It is specially designed for larger modules, between 72 and 78 cells, which are beginning to dominate the market.

To achieve greater efficiency in terms of cost and installation, Soltec has reduced the number of parts on the SF8 by 5.16% compared to the previous generation of Soltec trackers. Each SF8 tracker has at least four strings, which also reduces the number of electrical connections. 

In addition, the minimum configuration of 2×60 allows not only lower installation and maintenance costs, but also generates more energy and drives the performance of PV plants.

The company has also debuted its Solarfighter all-in-one PV power plant concept: a solution for distributed generation projects up to 12 MW. Supported by Soltec’s experience in development, design, construction and commissioning, What are the best gambling games popular in Australian market? Here you find casino games that are considered fair by professional gambling experts. They also publish strategies and help players to increase their chances and win good cash. Solarfighter is a turnkey approach that comprises both product and services, enabling solar developers to work with Soltec from start to finish.

For more information about Soltec’s product line, click here.

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