Soltec Supplies Trackers To 162 MW Solar Project In Brazil


Soltec, a manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers and related services in large-scale projects, is supplying complete tracker equipment to the 162 MW Apodi solar PV power plant located in the Brazilian state of Ceará. The project was developed by Scatec Solar, a Norwegian independent solar energy provider. Soltec says Scatec Solar chose its SF7 tracker amidst strong competition, procuring 5,368 units of the independent-row tracker.

“We are proud to partner for the first time with the independent solar energy provider Scatec Solar,” states Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec.

Soltect says the next-generation SF7 tracker was launched earlier this year with no array-gaps on the tracker, achieving complete tracker module-fill that enables greater yield density. It also reduces parts count and labor for lower installation time and costs, the company adds.

“With 909 MW supplied and underway in Brazil, Soltec has proven to be a reliable partner in large-scale projects. Soltec’s strong manufacturing and supply capacity in Brazil enables customer project success,” says Carlos G. Mena, Soltec’s country manager in Brazil.

Soltec manufactures locally in Brazil in compliance with FINAME accreditation regulations granted by the Brazilian Development Bank. The company says the certification enables Soltec to supply equipment under attractive financing arrangements and to help grow local economies.

The PV power plant, sited in the municipality of Quixeré of northeast Brazil, is expected to generate 350 GWh of clean energy annually. Once in commercial operation, the plant will provide energy equivalent to the demand of 171,000 Brazilian households, according to Soltec.

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