Standard Solar Acquires 18 MW Vermont Solar Project Portfolio


Standard Solar has acquired an 18.5 MW, six-project solar portfolio in Vermont from local developer MHG Solar that is slated to provide energy to the state’s electric utilities under the Standard Offer Program.

The portfolio projects, spread across Vermont, are: the 2.9 MW Evergreen Solar in Fair Haven, the 3.3 MW Halladay Solar in Middlebury, the 3.3. MW Midway Solar in Berlin, the 3.3 MW Steinberg Solar in Brandon, the 2.8 MW Stone Mill Solar in Castleton and the 2.8 MW Trolley Tracks Sola in Poultney.

All projects are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

“We are thrilled to be taking this significant step forward in the Vermont solar market with our long-term partner MHG Solar,” says Eric Partyka, director of business development for Standard Solar. “We firmly believe in the transformative power of solar energy, and this acquisition allows us to play a vital role in helping Vermont achieve its renewable energy targets. We are fully committed to partnering with the local authorities and stakeholders to ensure a seamless integration of these solar projects into the existing energy infrastructure.”

The portfolio has a PPA with VEPP, the Standard Offer Facilitator for existing and new Standard Offer Projects. VEPP acquires electric power from Vermont renewable resources and then distributes it to the state’s 17 utilities on a pro-rata basis.

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