New Service Helps All Homeowners Repair Solar and Battery Storage Systems


Sunnova Energy International Inc. has launched Sunnova Repair Services. Sunnova’s certified technicians will now be available to help all homeowners who are not under a service warranty to troubleshoot, service and repair their solar and battery storage systems, even if Sunnova did not install them.

“We proudly back all our Sunnova systems with full service warranties so our customers have peace of mind, but we know that not everyone with a solar system has that same level of service,” says Michell Graham, senior vice president of service and energy operations at Sunnova. “Sadly, there are many homeowners with solar systems who are frustrated because either their provider doesn’t offer service and support, or their electrician isn’t able to service their issues. We have an in-house team of dedicated service technicians who are the best in the industry, specially trained to service most major equipment providers for residential solar and storage.”

Sunnova provides maintenance, monitoring, repairs and replacement parts to over 170,000 solar customers across the country. Now, Sunnova is making these services available for all solar homeowners.

Sunnova Repair Services technicians are professionally certified solar experts; they have completed hundreds of hours of training and are certified to work on systems from solar brands such as Enphase, Generac, SolarEdge and Tesla. They can diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and/or replace equipment issues caused by manufacturer or installation defects, weather and more. Sunnova is available to help with a variety of solar repairs associated with the monitor, inverter, solar panels (modules), battery, and wiring and connections.

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