Sunova Partners With LUMA to Enhance Island Grid Stability


Sunnova, Puerto Rico’s largest residential solar and battery storage services company, is expanding its Sunnova Sentient Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform through the Sunnova Power Flex Program.

In partnership with LUMA’s Customer Battery Energy Sharing (CBES) program in Puerto Rico, this effort aims to enhance grid stability during peak demand periods while offering customers financial incentives for their voluntary participation.

“As we continue to spearhead the transition towards a cleaner and more robust future, extending our VPP platform will not only help reshape the energy landscape in Puerto Rico but also empower our valued customers to play an integral role in bolstering grid stability,” says Sunova CEO William J. Berger. “We eagerly anticipate the transformative impact this program will have on our customers and the Puerto Rican community at large.”

During periods of grid instability, typically when existing power plants are struggling to meet high demand, Sunnova’s VPP operations team will respond to dispatch signals, dispatch enrolled customers’ batteries using Sunnova’s VPP platform, and deliver energy and resiliency to the grid. LUMA’s CBES initiative makes this possible by sending the correct price signal to Sunnova customers to participate and by also sending the correct dispatch signal to Sunnova to operate its VPP platform.

In return for battery response and contribution, customers will be compensated for the power supplied by their batteries. This approach not only incentivizes customers to embrace renewable energy solutions but also creates a mutually beneficial situation whereby the grid is strengthened, and participating customers receive an additional financial benefit from their systems. A single battery may be able to earn up to $1,000 for this first pilot year depending on how many times a battery is dispatched.

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